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From: Nick Spencer
Subject: Family Love chapter 2Hey guys its em again. Back with chapter two. First I would like to say
that Im sorry its taking so long for me to post part two of my other
story. It is just taking longer then I expected. So I hope that this at
least partially quenches youre thirst. I also want to send out a big thanks
to anyone that has written to me. Anyone wishing to comment on thisstory
please send me an email. nspencer90yahoo.com.auOther then that I hope that
you greatly enjoy this chapter.CHARECTERS
Chapter 2I heard my mum knock on my bedroom door only moments before she opened it,
making sure that I was awake. I took a second to make sure that nothing was
out of the ordinary. Both Tim and I were covered up. I knew for a fact that
Timmy was still pant-less, so I had to make sure that nothing was showing.
Once I was certain, I looked up towards the door just as mother poked her
head in. "Morning mum." She smiled at me, and then she seemed to spot Timmy
lying next to me, and a slight frown came across his face. Mum had come in
several times and had found the two of us lying in similar positions to
that which sexy young lolita schoolgirls
she found us in now.I knew she was worrying, like me, about what was causing my baby brother to
sleep in my room, instead of the one that he shared with Kevin. Kevin was
the youngest of the twins (by a whole eight minutes). But my parents had
decided to give the older twin, Jacob, his own bedroom. Our mum, Karen
Thomas, was a devoted mother who worked long hours to try and give us boys
everything we wanted, but I knew that sometimes she wondered whether we
needed more. I always tried to make sure that she knew we loved her as we
loved our free nude lolitas ilegales father, David. And whenever I had the opportunity, I tried to let
them know that they were doing a good job.Mum looked at me and asked, "It happened again last night?" I nodded and we
both looked at Timmy as he slept soundly next to me. I could feel his naked
leg up against mine and it made me get the start of a boner. Mum shrugged
her shoulders and sighed. "Oh well, it's time for you boys to get up." Then
she took one final look at the both of us before she sighed again and left
the room. By the time she had closed the door I had a raging hard-on. I
couldn't fight the urge as I ripped back the cover and wrapped my hand
around my cock. I almost shot instantly, but decided to take a few moments
as I began to slowly milk it.The movement of the bed must have stirred my brother from his slumber
because he began to stretch slowly and wake up; at first I panicked, but
then I remembered what had happened last night and I decided to see what
would happen. I continued to stroke myself; Timmy opened his eyes and
rolled over and looked at me. At first he just lay there staring at me, and
then a grin slowly formed across his lips. He licking, his lips stared at
me stroking my dick. "Can I do it?" The question stunned me even after what
had happened last night, but I couldn't refuse as I let him wrap his tiny
hands around my cock.I slid the blanket down to reveal his tiny cocklet, already hard as a
rock. I placed it in my hand and began stroking it. It nude preteen lolitas tgp was only a mere few
seconds before I began to shoot a creamy load all over Timmy's hand and
stomach. And then following that, he shook violently in what I knew must
have been a really incredible orgasm. We lay there in silence for a few
moments before Timmy half whispered. "Mum been in yet?" I could only nod my
head as I again wondered, as I had last night, where the hell Tim had
learnt to jack guys off. I was certain that it wasn't just beginners
luck. He had an incredible knack of doing it.After a few more moments of silence, I got up out of bed and readjusted
myself so that I was comfortable; then I picked up a pair of pants that I
had left on the floor the night before. I slid them on and zipped up. Timmy
seemed to be watching me as I did this.. I grinned at him and moved over to
the side of the bed next to him. I leant down and placed a soft delicate
kiss on his cheek. "Come on bud, you had better get up; I need to talk to
you when I come back." He looked worried and I patted him on the top of his
head as I said, "Don't worry, you're not in trouble. I just need to ask you
something." He grinned at me as I made my way towards the bathroom. When I returned, Tim was sitting on the edge of the bed. He had dressed
and was waiting patiently for me. I had to stop at the door again just to
gaze at his beauty. For a little kid he sure was a killer. I walked up black lolita teen girls
the bed and sat down next to him. He looked at me all innocent like; I
couldn't help but grin at him. "Now I have to ask a question." Before I
could ask, Timmy frowned deeply and it almost looked as though he was about
to cry. I misinterpreted this reaction as I again tried to assure him,
"You're not in trouble, bro." But it didn't calm him any, so I placed an
arm around his shoulder.I wasn't entirely sure what was going on. Timmy's reaction had me
completely baffled, but, between sobs, it didn't take long before Tim let
me know what it was. "I'm sorry, but he scares me."While it was some sort of explanation, it was one that made absolutely no
sense at all to me. I didn't know whether Timmy planned to say any more,
because he was silent for several moments. So, instead, I asked him, "Who
scares you?"Timmy looked about himself as if he was making sure that no one could hear
what he was about to say. Then finally he answered me. "Kevin. He forces me
to do it with him."My jaw must have hit the floor. What did Timmy mean that Kevin made him do
things? What kind of things? But it only took a few seconds before
everything clicked into place in my mind. The shock was insurmountable as I
felt a slight rage building up inside me. "You mean that he makes you have
sex with him?"Timmy started to weep slightly, and I had to fight the urge to go and belt
Kevin. I hugged Timmy tightly to me and we sat in silence for a few
moments. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Timmy looked at me
and said, "At first I was free lolita in panties okay with it...." He looked at me as though he
had done something wrong.All I could do was smile at him as I said, "Look, Timmy, if he touched you
when you didn't want him to, he did the wrong thing."Timmy again looked guilty, but then young small pedo lolita he seemed to see something in my face
so he said, "That's why I come in here. I get scared that he'll hurt me."I had figured as much after his revelation. But it was better to hear it
from him. I decided that I needed to talk to Kevin alone. And I decided
that I needed to do it today, so I said to Timmy, "Go get ready for
school. I'll have a talk with Kevin today. You won't have to worry about it
anymore." Timmy looked at me slightly worried, but when I smiled at him, he
seemed to accept it and left the room.
All day at school, I had been trying to decide what it was I was going to
have to do. I knew that I had to say something to Kevin, had to try and
find out why he was doing what he had been doing. But at the same time I
didn't want to upset him. I knew that I had to make sure that he didn't
figure out what had happened last night and this morning with Timmy,
because I was afraid that if I went off at him, and he knew, then he go and
rat me out to our parents. I couldn't believe how much lolitas babes tetas chupadas
trouble the
revelation had caused me. I knew I had to act, but I also had to tread
carefully. How to go about this was the million-dollar question that I was
facing.So I stood outside the door to Kevin and Timmy's room. I had told Timmy to
stay downstairs and watch the tele until I came back down. He had been
worried about what I was going to do, but I assured him it wouldn't be
anything too bad. Mum had gone to do some shopping. Dad was still on his
trip. Jacob was at football practice. So it was only the three of us in the
house.As I stood there I could hear Kevin watching tele in the bedroom. I still
wasn't sure what I was going to do, but I took a deep slow breath, and then
I slowly opened the door while knocking. Once it was opened properly, I
stepped in.Kevin was surprised to see me when he looked up. I assume he had been
expecting Timmy. He was lying on his bed in only a pair of thin shorts. He
had no top on, and boy, did he ever look cute. While Timmy was the only one
that I had done anything with sexually, I had sure done a lot of
fantasizing over my other brothers at that time. Kevin was short for his
age, only four-foot-nine. He had scruffy brown hair that always looked a
mess. He was skinny as a rake, which made me sometimes worry whether he was
okay; Kevin had these really beautiful eyes that made me slightly hard by
just looking at them. I sat down on a chair that was in front of their computer desk. I decided
to get straight to the point. I looked him square in the face and said,
"Kev, Timmy has told me about what you've been doing." A brief look of
confusion came over his face, but then it was quickly replaced with a look
of fear. He looked as though he was stuck for words for several long
moments before he finally looked up at me and said, "He told you." It
seemed to be more of a statement then a question. But he didn't seem to say
it with any kind of anger. Almost more like ... relief. I just nodded my
head, and the frown on his face suddenly turned into a smile.The look caused more then a slight bit of confusion. I couldn't figure out
why the little shit was smiling. "So you finally did it then?"I panicked, was it possible that it had been a drastic setup. But that
thought just seemed downright impossible. How could my brothers have
conspired against me like that, and more importantly, why? But the more I
thought about it the more I realised that it was an absolutely ridiculous
idea. But I still didn't have any idea what Kevin had meant by it."Did what? What do you mean?" His question had thrown me momentarily off
the subject of why I had come in there in the first place. But it was his
reply that shocked me even more, and made me wonder whether I had just made
the biggest mistake of my life. "Oh, come on, bro, I knew he would get
you. That's why we did it."There was no doubt in my mind anymore as to what he was talking about. And
there was no longer any doubt that it was going to end very badly. I
wondered what was going to happen. I realised that I was effectively in
their complete control. Because the knowledge they now had could destroy
me, but still I sensed something in Kevin's tone that told me maybe little forbidden russian lolitas it
wasn't that simple.I waited for him to say something, but when after several long moments he
remained silent, I young small pedo lolita realised it was my turn to make a defense. But when I
tried to think of what to say, I couldn't come up with anything. So all I
said was, "How did you'se know?" Kevin seemed to try and suppress a
laugh. But he grinned at me all the same. But at the same time it didn't
seem to me as an evil smile. It was more like a smile of eagerness, and
curiosity. "Come on, with your reputation, how could we not know?"I froze at that statement. I had tried my hardest to keep my family from
knowing the things that I did. Did this mean that they all knew? Kevin
seemed to sense my fear, and quickly moved to calm me. "Yes, Timmy and I
have heard, but I don't think Mum and Dad know." I was only slightly
relived. And a small smile was on my lips. I was still worried about what
was going to happen. But at least it sounded as though ... maybe ... my
secret was safe ... at least for now. But I wondered if it was going to
come at a cost. Were the brothers about to blackmail me? And if so, what
was I going to be willing to give to them for their silence. I wondered
about this as I noticed Kevin move slowly towards the edge of the bed. At
first I thought nothing of it, but then I noticed a strange stare he was
giving me that had me curious.Then upon reaching nude young loli pic the corner of the bed. Kevin looked up at me with a grin
on his face. "We want to keep it that way as long as you do one thing."Here it was! I was ready to do anything. I decided that no matter what it
was it was, worth it to keep out of trouble. So I turned and faced my
brother as I said solemnly, "I don't care what it is. I'll do it." For a
few seconds he just kept smiling at me. Then suddenly, like a cat, he was
up off the bed and standing in front of my chair. Before I could react, he
bent over me and whispered in my ear, "I want it, I want it all." I didn't
have time to think as I felt his hand grabing at my crotch through my
pants. I was instantly hard. I couldn't believe what he was doing, but
before I had a chance to react, he covered my mouth with his own. It felt
incredible kissing Kevin, I lost my breath.Once we broke the kiss, we moved over to the bed and as I laid him down I
asked, "You sure about this?" As if in answer, Kevin grounded his arse
against my pants. That was all I needed as I laid him on the bed. I planted
another kiss on his lips as my hand worked inside of his pants. I found his
small penis and jerked it a few times. I soon felt his hand, and when it
wrapped around my hard-on, I moaned into his mouth. I still couldn't
believe what was happening.When the kiss was broken, he said to me, "I want to feel you fuck me."I pulled down his pants, and black lolita teen girls took in his hairless beauty. And boy, was he
ever beautiful! I knew that I couldn't resist what he was asking, but I
also knew I didn't want to hurt him. So I broke yet another kiss and
started to move my mouth lower. But he said. "Please, just fuck me. Timmy
already got me ready."I was about to ask what he meant, when he lifted his legs to show me his
beautiful pucker, which I could see was covered in spit. It seemed that all
of this had been a setup to get me to fuck Kevin. I was about to say
something when I decided not to, and to just seize the moment. I too one
final look at his face to make sure that he knew what he was doing. When I
saw him nod, I knew that was it as I leaned over and slid my piece into his
warm, tight hole.I half expected Kevin to complain, but a look of pure bliss came over his
face. The more I slid in, the happier he seemed to get. Once I was in up to
my pubes, I held it for a few seconds, but then Kevin was grinding his arse
against me pleading with me to keep sexy young lolita schoolgirls going. I couldn't resist. As I
lip-locked with him again, I began to drive in and out of his arse with
deep strokes.I knew I wasn't going to last long, so I sped up. I thought I heard
something behind me but I didn't care. I just continued kissing my brother
as I pile-drove his arse. A few moments later I felt my balls beginning to
erupt, as I let out bikini teen lolita models
a final groan of pleasure and unloaded a load full of
semen straight up his chute. Then I collapsed and kissed Kevin like I had
never kissed before. After a minute, we broke for air, and all I could say
was, "Damn, Kev, that was incredible."I lay with my head next to his until I heard Timmy's voice."You're damn right it was." I looked over Kevin and saw Timmy standing in
the doorway rubbing the lump in his shorts.To be continued...WELL THATS IT FOR CHAPTER TWO. PLEASE SEND ME COMMENTS AT THE ABOVE

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